Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Random Rules Monday, Except That It's Actually Tuesday

Like many of the developers I've worked with over the years, I listen to music while I work. The Onion AV Club has a semi-regular feature called Random Rules where they get a celebrity to hit shuffle on their iPod, and then reveal all the embarrasing details that come up in the first ten selections. Here's mine for today:

  1. Just Another Night, Ian Hunter
  2. Road, Nick Drake
  3. A Star Is Bored, Paul Westerberg
  4. Mandolin Wind, Rod Stewart
  5. Beat on the Brat, The Ramones
  6. Wild Wild Lover, Flat Duo Jets
  7. Walkin' to My Baby, Fabulous Thunderbirds
  8. To Here Knows When, My Bloody Valentine
  9. Stiff Competition, Cheap Trick
  10. Vaseline, Elastica

Glad all the ABBA stuff didn't come up.

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